Clark and Cooley play their game every day "On The Deuce" in downtown Show Low

Show Low Legend

Marion Clark and Corydon Cooley, ranchers and pioneers in the old west, became partners and homesteaded a 100,000 acre spread in the White Mountains of Arizona. After some years, their friendship waned and finally ended in a disagreement so severe that they decided to dissolve their partnership. In the ways of the times, they played a game of cards, called “Seven Up” and the winner would buy out the loser.

They played all night, and as the sun was breaking over the eastern horizon, Cooley needed just one more point to win. At that moment, Clark said, “You ‘Show Low’ and you win!”

Cooley cut the deck and came up with the Deuce of Clubs, winning the game and the land. The town site of Show Low lies within that ranch and we are fortunate to be located on the main street, appropriately named Deuce of Clubs.

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